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Handsfree dog walking

by Georgina Mcilroy 01 Oct 2022


A game changer for dog walking, our new double ended rope leads make dog walking even more enjoyable. 

The leads come with a clip added onto each end of the lead instead of your average handle so they can be used in many ways. Such as handsfree walking, long lead walking, short lead walking, two dog walking or clipping your dog to a secure area when out and about. 

For handsfree walking

Simply clip the lead around your waist or body using the clip and the D ring on the lead (D ring can be adjusted as to where you want it on the lead by rolling it in a downward position along the lead)

Long lead walking

Clip one end of the lead to your dog and use the other end to make a handle using the clip and D ring.

Short lead walking

Clip both ends of the lead to your dog to create a short lead (half the length) 

Two dog walking

Clip each clip to each dog and hold the middle of the lead to walk two dogs together. No more tangling of two leads!

Our Double ended leads keep your dog safe and secure whilst out and about and make outings easier for pawrents! Grabbing a coffee or bite to eat whilst taking your dog with you just got so much easier. 

Available in a large range of colours.



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