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Dog friendly walks near to Lincolnshire we've visited

by Georgina Mcilroy 01 Oct 2022

Showing you a few of our favourite dog friendly walks

Shouldham woods

Shouldham woods, located in Norfolk is a peaceful woodland area which has a huge amount of space so even on busy days it's likely that you won't see many people there. Shouldham woods makes a great place to walk the dogs for this reason and has many photo opportunities within the woods if you have a poser like our Bella.

Westwood Lakes:
Westwood lakes is also a wooded area which is very dog friendly and great for the family. There is two walking trails available as well as a coffee shop and restaurant near to the lakes area which is dog friendly in their outdoor under cover areas.
Skegness Beach
Skegness beach is a dog friendly beach based in Lincolnshire. Peppa loved her trip out to the seaside, especially the fish and chips on the way home.
If you have any favourite dog friendly places you like to visit we'd love to hear about them! 
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